Can an employer change my work schedule timings based on what they feel is right for my age group?

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I’ve been working for the same high school sanitation group for many years. Recently, a number of younger men began appearing on staff. Yesterday, I was told that I would have to forfeit my preferred day shift since I am now needed more at night. I think I’m getting forced out due to my age. These people know that my wife works at night and that I must look after the kids while she’s working. What should I do?



Since it’s possible that your employer has forgotten about your personal home situation, ask for a brief meeting and explain your concerns about the proposed schedule change. If that doesn’t help, see if a new, younger worker will trade with you.

To be sure all of your problems are properly documented along the way, give serious thought to hiring an employment law attorney. There are far too many ways that employers can hide age discrimination. You’re wise to be moving forward so carefully to protect yourself.

Give serious thought to when you should tell the school you’ve hired a lawyer. While employers are not legally allowed to retaliate for EEOC claims and related litigation, it’s probably best to keep such matters private until your attorney gives you different advice.