I did not include my college graduation date on my resume. After I was told to put it on, I was denied an interview.

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While applying for a job recently, I purposely left the graduation dates off a company application so I could minimize the chances of any age discrimination. I made it past the first two rounds of interviews and was called back with one other person for a final interview. At the end of the interview, I was told I needed to supply the missing graduation dates, along with a couple of other minor things. The other applicant was then hired and I think I have a valid age discrimination case. What do I do to get one started?



It’s always a good idea to obtain the help of an employment law specialist when you want to file any type of employment discrimination lawsuit. While you can simply file an Equal Employment Opportunity Case (EEOC) claim (based on age discrimination) by yourself, you’ll probably succeed in obtaining all of your desired remedies if you hire an attorney  A lawyer can advise you about the best timing for filing each action and the best way to document what you believe constituted age discrimination.

It can get a bit complicated filing a case against a potential employer since they will usually claim that you were simply not the best or most competitive applicant. However, you still have the right to pursue such a claim.