Ways to Prevent Workplace Age Discrimination

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There are likely as many ways of avoiding age discrimination in the workplace as there are examples of age discrimination. The first step in determining how to prevent age discrimination is to take a hard look at an employer’s anti age discrimination policy and examine any common examples of age discrimination previously reported by other employees to root out the cause of such discrimination might appear in the workplace and to make sure if it is happening that it is stopped.

Common Forms of Age Discrimination

  • A company refuses to hire anyone who looks older than a certain age in order to maintain a youthful company image.
  • An employer turns down an older employee for promotion, instead hiring someone younger for the position.
  • An employer experiencing difficult economically circumstances, fires or lays off the oldest workers first, because the oldest workers are making the highest salaries after having been with the company the longest.
  • A boss gives an older employee an “undeserved bad job performance evaluation” and then uses that false evaluation to fire or demote the employee.

Age Discrimination Management

  • Employers are not allowed to refuse to hire, refuse to promote, or fire a person based solely on his or her age.
  • An individual’s age cannot be a factor in decision concerning his pay rate, a promotion, layoff or job termination.
  • Job recruitment ads cannot specify age requirements or that a certain age is preferred.
  • Training programs cannot set age limits for trainee participants.
  • Employers cannot take retaliatory actions against an employee who files a charge of age discrimination
  • Employers may offer voluntary early retirement without violating the ADEA age discrimination laws.

Workplace Age Discrimination Legal Help

If you believe that you or a member of your family has suffered age discrimination in the workplace it may be important to discuss the circumstances with an experienced civil rights attorney.