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Spotlight on Age Discrimination

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Employment and Age Discrimination

As the US job market gets tighter, more and more employers are ignoring US employment laws, such as the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, which protect people from any type of different treatment based on age.

Any employer in violation of this act is subject to steep fines and penalties, and may be held liable for compensation to the victim, but many times the party bringing the charge is simply seeking to put an end to this type of injustice.

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The U.S. Census Bureau projected that, in 2030, 10 states will have more people 65 and older than under 18. As the baby boomers slowly become senior citizens by 2011, the population of 65 and older will grow faster than the total population in every state. 26 states are, in fact, said to double their 65 + populations within the next 25 years. Today, about 70 million baby boomers will soon hit their retirement years. With age comes issues of guardianship, care and questions of capacity and the increasing number of senior citizens will demand more time spent on defending and protecting this segment’s rights.