Workplace Age Discrimination FAQ's

Below you will find common questions people have regarding age discrimination. If you need help with a specific case, please consult with a lawyer for free here.

1. Is it legal for my employer to pressure me into retirement because of my age?

No, it is illegal to be forced to retire. There are exceptions to this law, but generally speaking, age requirements are not legal.

2. What is the ADEA?

The ADEA, or Age Discrimination in Employment Act was enacted to protect older persons, those over 40, from any type of ill treatment in the workplace based on age.

3. Does the ADEA cover small businesses?

The ADEA covers all business in the US that employ 20 or more workers. However, state laws may have lower limits.

4. What government entity regulates these complaints?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is mandated to investigate claims of age discrimination.

5. Is there a statute of limitations for age discrimination claims?

The general time limits for filing an age discrimination claim is 180 days, however, there are differences between certain situations. Always speak to an attorney when considering bringing a claim.

6. What type of compensation is available to victims of age discrimination?

Normally, back and front pay will be awarded, reimbursement of legal fees,  as well as compensatory damages such as mental anguish.

7. How much will a lawyer charge?

This depends on the attorney. Most will offer a free consultation, and any later lawyer fees will be reimbursed after the claim has been settled.