I am 54 and was told that a position I applied for at a non profit is mostly for young people. Is this age discrimination?

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I am 54 and I want to get a better job. There is this not-for-profit center by where I live that trains people on basic skills, like typing and stuff. They have a class and I tried to sign up and the guy at the desk told me the class was for younger people and that I couldn't. Is this legal, isn’t this age discrimination?



The answer to your question depends on whether the Career Training Center receives any federal funding. Section 6101 of the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits organizations that receive any federal funding from discriminating on the basis of age in their programs.

You may wish to speak with a qualified civil rights attorney, who can help you determine whether the organization is receiving federal funding, or whether its not-for-profit tax exempt status is considered to be a form of government aid. A civil rights attorney can help you explore these questions, and evaluate whether the Career Training Center violated the Age Discrimination Act.